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Hi. I'm Tom Raithel, a poet living in Cleveland, Ohio. I formerly lived in Evansville, Indiana. I have published poems in Southern Review, The Midwest Quarterly, Comstock Review, Atlanta Review, Nimrod and other literary journals. My poetry collection, Dark Leaves, Strange Light, has been published by Finishing Line Press.

I was born in Milwaukee, Wis. and have have degrees in English and Mass Communication from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I have worked as a journalist at several newspapers in the Midwest. My first love, however, has been poetry.

Recent publications

Where to find Tom Raithel's poetry

Tom Raithel's poetry chapbook, Dark Leaves, Strange Light, is available through:


amazon.com (sold out)

Or by contacting me through this website (see below)..

His poems, "The Beast," and "High Summer," will be published in the Summer 2020 issue of The Midwest Quarterly.

His poems, "The Ohio" and "The Fields," have been featured in the Boom Project Poetry Anthology, a collection of works by writers living in the Ohio River Valley. 

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The Midwest Quarterly

Tom's poems will be appearing in the summer edition of The Midwest Quarterly, a journal published by Pittsburg  State University in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Other websites of interest

Tom Raithel interview podcast. An interview of Tom at the Indie Author Fair in Owensboro, Ky., in December 2017.

On Facebook: The Boom Project: An Anthology, a page highlighting a collection of works by Ohio River Valley writers of the Baby Boomer generation. The anthology includes prose and poetry by Evansville area writers Linda Neal Reising, Mark Williams and Tom Raithel.

Academy of American Poets The website of the largest national association of poets in the United States, with information on National Poetry Month and other poetry events.

Literary Cleveland   A website of a community-wide writers organization that hosts classes, workshops and other poetry events and highlights local  writers.

Clevelandpoetics  A site offering a daily calendar of poetry events and a blog by local poets dealing with activities of poets in the area.

Mac's Backs  Independent used bookstore at 1820 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 that is a center of local  poetic activity.

 Indiana Writers Center  A website that offers programs, classes, events and support for writers of all genres.

Brick Street Poetry. A non-profit organization based in Zionsville, Ind. It hosts the monthly reading series, Poetry on Brick Street, and publishes the Tipton Poetry Journal.

Kentuckiana Authors. A group of authors from Kentucky and Indiana who work together to promote their work. 


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